Who is Restore America's Voice PAC?

This PAC is the political arm of an effort to restore American's rightful voice in a nation founded on the idea of liberty, limited government and self-rule. We seek to re-establish "consent of the governed", now commonly ignored, as the most important element of our form of government.
Ken Hoagland is chairman of Restore America's Voice PAC and has 30 years of successful grassroots campaigns behind as record. He led the senior citizen campaign that repealed the Catastrophic Care Act in 1989 (against all expectations), has spoken at numerous grassroots events, helped win widespread lawsuit reforms in Texas, has appeared on literally hundreds of radio talk shows, authored a book on the broken tax code called, "The FairTax Solution" as well as scores of guest editorials on a range of public policy issues. His  passion is seeing the will of the people again respected--and even feared--by a political class that routinely treats the wisdom, judgment and common sense of the American people with utter contempt. The absence of such respect has led to passage of legislation a majority of Americans object to--like ObamaCare--and a failure to take on issues most Americans believe should be addressed--like fundamental tax reform.

Our organization, Restore America's Voice Foundation, has now raised two million petitions for repeal of ObamaCare in 12 months. We have delivered 547,000 petitions the day before the House voted to repeal and another 1.2 million--which Senate Democrats have thus far ignored.

While we have not yet forced capitulation by a solid block of 51 Democrats in the Senate we are growing fast and they know full well we are on their flanks as elections near. Restore America's Voice PAC is the  hammer that will drive home the point that it is politically dangerous to ignore the will of the people. We will defeat those who fail to honor their oaths to faithfully represent their constituents.

Our Repeal message in TV ads have played to 50 million viewers almost every day for the last year. The ads, themselves, have been a powerful advocacy tool that has frustrated Barack Obama's ambition to ignore his unpopular "signature issue" as elections near. Senate Democrats similarly would rather not talk about it. Herman Cain has now joined us to help us deliver  citizen calls to action for repeal and other issues like tax reform and energy policy. Our goal is to take on the issues that most Americans agree with but which never get done in Washington.

Plainly said, we want to Restore American's Voice on public policy issues including tax reform, energy policy and a Balanced Budget Amendment, among others. In some cases we will use petitions. In others, direct communications with legislators and the White House as well as using this super-PAC to defeat all those who ignore our petitions and other clear examples of the will of the people.

Ken Hoagland

Ken Hoagland is the Chairman of Restore America's Voice Foundation and the Repeal It Now.org campaign. A long time public policy advocate and author Hoagland has led national and state grassroots campaigns for 30 years. He brings his long experience connecting everyday Americans with the highest levels of government power to this campaign to repair the damage done by those in the "political class" who feel themselves above and beyond average Americans. Hoagland believes passionately that without the voice and common sense of the American people, the nation is lost. His long career includes working for a better national tax policy, for senior citizens, aviation safety, lawsuit reform, education reform, on US/Mexico border policy and for state and national grassroots organizations.

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